Friday, January 19, 2018


Why It Makes Sense to Use Adecco For All Your Staffing Needs

RESPONSIVENESS – It can take weeks to recruit qualified applicants from shockingly expensive classified and job board ads. A trusted staffing agency gets immediate results. You have qualified new employee resources, in place, as soon as you need them. You save precious time. And time is money.

FLEXIBILITY – Staff up when the workload increases. Cut back when things slow down. Why carry more people on your payroll than necessary?

INSURANCE – Using temporary workers and then letting them go does not expose your company to an unemployment claim. The same goes for workers’ compensation. On-the-job injuries have no impact on your premium. The staffing agency assumes all payroll burdens.

PAYROLL AND HR MANAGEMENT – There’s no need to keep track of payroll, no quarterly reports to file, no taxes to be paid (or penalties for late filing!), and no benefits to administer.

CONVENIENT PAYMENT – You pay just one invoice for each week worked. And unlike having to keep a cash reserve on hand to meet payroll, you can “float” your payment for up to 30 days, adding flexibility to your cash flow.

QUALITY ASSURANCE – A reputable staffing agency assures quality through rigorous testing and screening. (It also offers benefits to enhance recruiting and retention.) You get a worker who’s qualified to do the job. Your valuable time is not wasted on reviewing unqualified resumes. Your productivity is unaffected so you can get back to doing what you do best.

TEMP-TO-HIRE – Try before you buy. “Test drive” a candidate to make sure they’re a good fit. Temp-to-Hire provides flexible options that don’t impact your SUI rate.

A WORLD-WIDE BRAND WITH A STRONG LOCAL PRESENCE – Adecco has served hundreds of businesses in Leon County over the past 18 years. As the world’s biggest staffing company and industry leader, Adecco offers a deep recruiting infrastructure, state-of-the-art skills testing, and an internationally-trusted brand. As a locally-owned franchise that’s involved in the community, you get the resources of a $20 billion company working for you – without a $20 billion attitude. (Your call to our office is always answered by a live person, never a robot menu.)

YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED – If you’re not happy with the work, you won’t be billed. It’s that simple. We value long-term relationships. Trust is the cornerstone of our business